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The Financial Services Bar Association is an association of Irish lawyers (both solicitors and barristers) which aims to promote members’ expertise in all areas of financial services law. The FSBA offers affiliate membership to solicitors, in-house lawyers, general counsel and others with unique qualifications, expertise and/or experience in financial services law. The FSBA actively encourages junior colleagues who want to grow their practice in financial services law.


The FSBA offers continuing professional development. In addition, the FSBA proactively engages with relevant legislative developments and consultations.


If you are interested in being part of this dynamic association, please click Join Association below. Our Secretary will also warmly welcome enquiries at


Intermediary Regulation: An Irish Solution to a Global Shadow Banking Problem

Champion of Equitable Briefing

The Bar of Ireland’s new Equitable Briefing Policy, approved by Council in June 2022, sets out a number of supports that the Council provide to members, including but not limited to, the development of specialist areas of practice through the formation of the Specialist Bar Associations.

The Equitable Briefing Policy asks that solicitors make all reasonable endeavours to consider gender in selecting a diverse panel of barristers with the required seniority, expertise, and experience.

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